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Gourmet Gary's

Buy 3 Cases get a Free Freezer! **Colorado Residents ONLY**

Buy 3 Cases get a Free Freezer! **Colorado Residents ONLY**

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For the family, or host, who wants to have it all.

This Deal is currently only available to residents of Colorado.

We deliver your Freezer, and help you set it up if you need us to! All 3 Cases of Food fit neatly inside, and each cut is individually sealed and guaranteed in your new freezer for up to 1 year!

Read Below For Your Free Freezer Special!

You get 1 Beef Case, 1 Chicken or Pork Case and 1 Seafood Case.....Yes you can mix and match of your liking. 

and I'll give you a FREE 5.0cf Chest FREEZER!

1 Case of Beef Includes:

  • All Natural USDA Choice T-Bones (3/14oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Ribeyes   (6/8oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Strips (6/9oz)
  • All Natural Choice Pepper Steaks(10/5oz
  • All Natural USDA Choice Burgers (12/5.2oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Filets  (6/4oz)

1 Case of Chicken Includes:

  • All Natural Plain Chicken Breast (8x 5oz= 2.5lbs Total)
  • All Natural Southwest BBQ Chicken Breast (8x5oz = 2.5 Total)
  • Chicken Wings (3.0lbs Total)
  • All Natural Garlic/Herb Chicken Breast (8x 5oz= 2.5lbs Total)
  • Chicken Tenderloin Fritters ( 3.0lbs Total)
  • All Natural Dark Meat Fritters ( 3.0lbs Total)

1 Case of Seafood Includes:

  • Garlic Salmon =6 x 5Oz = 2.0 Lbs Total
  • Breaded shrimp = = 2.0Lbs Total
  • Yellowfin Tuna = 2.0Lbs 
  • Snapper= 2.0Lbs Total
  • Bourbon Tilapia  = 2 Lbs Total
  • White Fish = 2.0 Lbs Total


**Each Cut May Vary By Weight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eric Lucas
Great guy great meat!

Gary is a great dude. Fast delivery and set up. Meat is delicious


Would never use him. He has a crappy.attitude when customers ask or point stuff out. Piss poor customer service, and is NOT as cheap as he advertised

Anthony Holroyd
Best deal around

Gary is amazing

Sean Mills
Great Owner/Operator

Awesome, committed and Personalized Service.